Climacodon septentrionalis, ’Northern Tooth Fungus’ (Fr.) P. Karst. 1881 (4 Photos and Description)

Climacodon septentrionalis 0179

It is a parasite on the wounds of deciduous trees, especially sugar maple, beech and ash.  It can also fruit on standing dead trees. From a distance, Climacodon septentrionalis looks like it is a polypore growing in tiered layers, but its spore-brearing surfaces are actually ‘toothed’ having spines rather than pores. This fungus causes rot of the tree's heartwood.

Young Climacodon septentrianalis 01196

Younger specimen compared with the one in the top photo. Climacodon septentrionalis

Climacodon septentrionalis6857

Climacodon septentrionalis

Climacodon septenrionalis1010906