Lactarius chelidonium  var. chelidonioides Hessler & Smith (3 Photos and Description)

Lactarius chelidonium 

Medium mud-blue with a sticky orange-brown smooth faintly zoned cap with inrolled margin, convex becoming yellow-orange-brown to olivacious, flat to shallowly funnel-shaped with a somewhat depressed central disc. Gills are pale plue to pale cream-yellow becoming dull yellow-orange to greenish-blue and bruise or stain dark olive-green. Stem is paler concolorous with the cap and dry. Latex is sparse, bright yellow becoming yellow-brown and staining flesh greenish. Tissues also discolor greenish with handling. Spores are pale buff to yellow-orange. Found under conifers (pines) in late summer and autumn. Taste is mild to slightly peppery. Edible.

Lactarius chelidonium 01381

Lactarius chelidonium var. chelidonioides

Lactarius chelidonium (Cledine Milky) 04787

Lactarius chelidonium var. chelidonioides

Lactarius chelidonium (Cledine Milky) 04788

Lactarius chelidonium var. chelidonioides