Lactarius torminosus (Fr.) S. F. Gray (2 Photos and Description)

Lactarius torminosus  07459

Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.: Fr.) (Type species for Lactarius)

Medium to large pale yellow-salmon-blush (center) colored somewhat zonate convex cap with glabrous depressed viscid center and hairy margin becoming flat, then funnel-shaped with maturity. Gills close to crowded, sometimes forked at stem, whitish-yellow becoming pinkish-orange and turning tannish in maturity. Latex creamy-white and moderately voluminous. Color does not change. Stipe is pinkish-yellow and somewhat scrobiculate and tapered at the base. Spores are cream to pale yellowish. Associated with birch and hemlock. Can be found in summer and fall. Odor is somewhat fruity. Taste is acrid. Toxic. Lactarius pubescens is paler and has smaller spores.

Lactarius torminosus