Russula densifolia (Secretan) Gillet,  ‘Densely-gilled, Blushing Russula’ (3 Photos and Description)

Russula densifolia3548

Russula densifolia, the 'Many-gilled Blushing Russula’, is mycorrhizal with both hardwoods and conifers. It is a small, dense russula that has a smooth, broadly convex felty white cap that that becomes flat to slightly funnel-shaped with a depressed disc and ages dirty brownish-black as it matures. The cap skin peels about half way. The attached narrow gills are initially white and usually close to crowded.  All parts redden before blackening with age and when flesh is damaged or cut.  Taste is acrid. Inedible.

Russula densifolia2161

Russula densifolia

RUSSULA densifolia2307

Russula densifolia