Russula foetentula Peck (3 Photos and Description)

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Russula foetentula is one of the foetid, or rotten-smelling russulas (of which there are surprisingly many), all of which have varying combinations of odors that include maraschino cherries, marzipan, almonds, or benzaldehyde that becomes more oily and foul with maturity. The cap of Russula foetentula is viscid and orange-brown to yellow-brown. Initially the margin is enrolled but once expanded it becomes lined. It is relatively easy to peel at least to the depressed center of the cap. The attached gills are whitish-yellow and discolor brownish. The smoothish white stem discolors brownish, particularly at the base. Spore print is cream to light yellowish. This mycorrhizal mushroom can be found growing under hardwoods and conifers in summer and autumn. Inedible.

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Russula foetentula

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Russula foetentula