Chlorophyllum rachodes 

Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Macrolepiota rachodes) 10130005

Chlorophyllum rachodes (Macrolepiota rachodes) 'Shaggy Parasol’ 

Known for its red-staining flesh, scaly cap, white free gills, movable ring, bulbous base, and nutty flavor. When cut, the flesh turns a pinkish-reddish-orange color. Commonly found in groups along the edge of woodlands or garden beds dressed in wood chips.

Some people experience gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea when eating this mushroom, so it is recommended that when you try them for the first time, just eat a small portion to taste and see how you react. The same caution can be suggested for eating anything from nuts to grains or vegetables!

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Chlorophyllum rachodes

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Chlorophyllum rachodes

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