Lepiota clypeolaria,

Lepiota clypeolaria 02406

 Lepiota clypeolaria (Bull) P. Kumm. 'Shaggy Stalked Lepiota  

Lepiota clypeolaria is initially egg-shaped, but expands to become bell-shaped. The cap is covered with small straw-colored scales. The partial veil leaves remnants on the margin. The flesh is white. The gills are free, closely-spaced and white. The spores are white. This is an atypical lepiotoid Lepiota in that it has a ring that quickly disappears. In fact the entire stalk tends to be quite fuzzy and thus the common name ‘Shaggy Stalked Lepiota seems quite appropriate. The stipe is also hollow. Lepiota clypeolaria growsfrom the ground in both hardwood and coniferous forests. Its spores are shaped like spindles tapered at both ends. It is toxic.