Amanita ceciliae group (inaurata)

Amanita ceciliae (inaurata) (Berkeley) & Broome) Bas 

is a name applied to an Amanita in Europe. There may be a few different lookalike species currently going under that name in eastern North America.  The cap is gray-brown or brown and bears gray warts from the universal veil and a deeply striate margin. I has not partial veil and therefore no ring. Gills are white and of varying lengths. Stem is white. At the base there may be grayish tissue from the universal veil. Grows with hardwoods and conifers.

Amanita rhacopus, (borealisorora, ceciliae)4441

Amanita ceciliae group (inaurata) (Berkeley) & Broome) Bas 

Amanita rhacopus, (borealisorora, ceciliae)4440

Amanita ceciliae group (inaurata)