Cortinarius caperatus

Cortinarius caperatus (Rozites caperata)1020454

CORTINARIUS caperatus, (Rozites caperatus) (Pers.) P. Karst 1838

The 'Gypsy Mushroom’ is a robust edible has an ochre-pale tan to cream cap - somewhat wrinkled - with whitish fibrils, stipe and ring (rather than a cortina).  Spore print is rust-brown. Found with conifers and beech. Fruits from July to October. Edible and choice with a pleasant odor and taste, though often filled with insect larvae.  As heavy metals accumulate in the fruiting bodies, you want to be careful about the locations from which they are picked. The species name "caperatus" is a reference to its somewhat wrinkly cap. 

This is in the Cortinariceae family of the Agaricales order.