Tetrapyrgos nigripes  

Marasmiellus nigripes5905

Tetrapyrogos nigripes (Fr.) Singer 1948 (Marasmiellus nigripes)

The black-footed Marasmius, Tetrapyrogos nigripes, has a white plane to plicate dry cap, and a thin black flexible stipe. Both cap and stem look as if they have beeen dusted in white flour. The white gills are fairly distant, broad and fork. there are cross-veins between them. Flesh is thin and white. Spores are white.

Grows on leaves, wood and nut shells without visible mass of mycelium. Stipe turns from white to black from base toward the apex. It is in the Marasmiaceae family of the Agaricales order.

Tetrapyrogus nigripes 0904