Mycetinis scorodonius

Marasmius scorodonius8144

Mycetinis scorodonius (Marasmius scorodonius) (Fr.) A,W. Wilson & Desjardin 2005

The name ‘scorodonius’ comes from the Greek word ‘scorodon’ for garlic. This garlic-smelling mushroom was previously in the Marasmiasiae family. The cap is reddish-brown to ochre, somewhat wrinkled and fades with aging.  The almost free gills are white. stem is reddish brown and darker at the lower end. Its spore print is white. Mycetinus scorodonius can be found in late summer and autumn on conifer needles, bark and other debris. A saprotroph, it is in the Omphalotaceae family of the Agaricales order.

Marasmius scorodonius 8149

Mycetinis scorondonius (Marasmius scorodonius)