Baorangia bicolor 

Baorangia bicolor (Boletus bicolor) 03561

Baorangia bicolor (Boletus bicolor), the short"Two-colored Bolete”

  has a red cap mottled yellow; yellow flesh,  yellow tubes, pores. Stipe yellow above & red below. Slowly turns blue when bruised. Mycorrhizal with oak. There may be a few different varieties of Baorangia bicolorBaorangia bicolor.  I’ve heard it said that Baorangia bicolor doesn’t stain blue, but the yellow pore surface can stain bright blue.  The flesh, however, is slower to stain and when it does it is a comparatively pale blue color. The two-colored bolete appears mainly in summer and is a prized edible. Not everyone can tolerate eating them though. Some people may experience stomach upset  and diarrhea.  This bolete is mycorrhizal with oaks and other hardwoods. There is another bi-color bolete that is relatively uncommon called var. borealisBaorangia bicolor is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.

Baorangia bicolor (Boletus bicolor)2979

Baorangia bicolor (Boletus bicolor