Hemileccinum rubropunctum 

Boletus rubropunctus03132

Hemileccinum rubropunctum Peck (Boletus rubropunctus) has a smallish rugose reddish-brown cap, yellow flesh, bright yellow pores that become brownish with spore maturity and a pale yellowish stipe that is sometimes curved near the base and is covered in red spots. It does not stain. It has been given the common name “Ash Tray Bolete” for its unpleasant smell. Although edible, it is not highly regarded for its taste. It is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.

Leccinum rubropunctum (Boletus rubropunctus) 0046

Leccinum rubropunctum (Boletus rubropunctus)

Leccinum rubropunctum (Boletus rubropunctus)03130

Leccinum rubropunctum (Boletus rubropunctus)