SCLERODERMATINEAE  (Suborder of the Boletales)

The Sclerodermatineae is one of six lineages of the Boletales recognized as a suborder. The others include the Boletineae, the Coniophorineae, the Paxillineae, the Suillineae, and the Tapinellineae. It is based on the molecular analysis of rRNA sequences of 60 species of sclerodermatoid fungi by Manfred Binder and Andreas Bresinskyin 2002. Nine genera were assigned to this suborder. They include three boletoid hymenomycetes (Boletinellus, Gyroporus and Phlebopus), six gasteroid genera (Astreus, Calostoma, Diplocystis, Pisolithis, Scleroderma and Tremellogaster.