Suillus ampliporus (S. cavipes)

Suillus cavipes 0797

Suillus ampliporus (S. cavipes) (Klotzsch) A.H. Sm. & Theirs 1964

Dry, hairy, brown capped Suillus often with remnants of partial veil on the cap edge. Large yellow angular radiating pores. Stem at apex is smooth, but hairy below. Base is hollow. Found under eastern tamarack (Larix) in damp areas. Perhaps the best-tasting SuillusThis is in the Suilliaceae family of the Boletales.

Cut thin slices (for cooking or drying) and cook until brown and crispy. Taste is nutty.

Suillus cavipes3997

Suillus ampiloporus (S. cavipes)

Suillus cavipes0790

Suillus ampiloporus (S. cavipes)