Suillus weaverae (granulatus)

Suillus granulatus0100

 Suillus weaverae (A.H. Sm. & Shafdf) Kretzer & T.D. Bruns 1996) "Granular Dotted-stalk Bolete”.

Rusty brown to yellow-orange shiny convex cap. Slimy in wet weather.  It has fine round yellow pores. The glands on the stipe exude droplets in young fruitbodies. Stem is pale yellow with yellow to redt glandula dots.  Pale brown” spore print. Mycorrhizal with pine. Edible, but it is recommended that the cuticle is peeled off before cooking cap. This is in the Suilliaceae family of the Boletales.

Suillus granulatus04519

Suillus weaverae 

Suillus weaverae