Fuscopostia fragilis 

Postia fragilis 02758

Fuscopostia fragilis (Fr.) B.K. Cui, L. L. Shen & Y.C. Dai 2018 

(Oligoporus fragilis, Postia fragilis, Tyromyces fragilis)

This polypore was in the Fomitopsidaceae family. It is now in the Dacryobalaceae family of the Polyporales along with the Blue Cheese Polypore, Postia livens, a fungus in the Postia caesia complex. When young, the cap surface is finely ‘hairy’ or fluffy; the texture of the entire fruiting body is soft and tends to develop yellowing and rusty red-brown staining with handling and age. Fuscopostia fragilis grows in tiers from well-rotted conifer wood. It is a brown rot fungus.

Postia fragilis 02715

Fuscopostia fragilis