Lenzites betulinus

 Lenzites betulina: “Gilled Polypore”

Trametes (Lenzites) betulina2127

Lentinus betulinus (L.) Fr. (or Trametes betulina)

Students and mycologists seen to disagree on whether to call this polypore Lenzites betulinus or Trametes betulina. Until both Index Fungorum and MycoBank sign off on the legitimate current name of this fungus, I will retain the older name. Annual white rotter of dead hardwoods (and conifers). The velvety cap, like Trametes versicolor or Trametes hirsuta, is concentrically zoned with brown, tan, white and orange colors. Often seen with algae growth. Its ‘gills' are white and tough. Flesh and spore print are white. Not edible.  It is in the Polyporaceae family of the Polyporales order.

Trametes (Lenzites) betulina1765

Lenzites betulinus