Albatrellus subrubescens

Albatrellus subrubescens (Murrill) Pouz. (1972)

Unless there are several species going under one name, this Russula related species is cosmopolitan appearing in many parts of the world in mixed and coniferous forests with pines. The cap is white to pale buff. This mushroom has a yellowish to pale greenish-yellow tiny pored hymenium that runs down the stem. All parts are subject to staining  yellow with bruising or handling.  When quite young, it is said to be edible, but otherwise rather bitter and potentially toxic if mildly so. Eating older specimens will likely result in gastrointestinal distress.

Albatrellus subrubescens is in the Albatrellaceae family of the Russulales order.

Albatrellus ovinus-02646