Lactarius paradoxus

Lactarius paradoxus Beardslee & Burlington 1940

This beautiful Lactarius can easily be mistaken for Lactarius indigo or Lactarius chelidonium if looking at just the cap or even Lactarius subpurpureus if looking just at the gills. It is mycorrhizal with pines and can be found along the northeastern N.A. coastline down to Florida. Those shown in the photo were found in Cape Cod. The cap is convex intially with an inrolled margin that gradually fully expands and uplifts. There is a central depression in the zoned silvery blue cap. As it matures, the cap fades to a tannish coloration. The gills are close and lavender-pink becoming a dullish buff in age. The reddish-purple latex is minimal. The stipe lacks scrobiculations and stains green with cutting or bruising. Lactarius paradoxus is in the Russulaceae family of the Russulales order.