Lactifluus luteolus 

Lactifluus luteolus  Dry, velvety, pale buff, small cap that becomes depressed with maturity; flesh white, gills are cream, adnate to slightly decurrent. Spore print is pale cream. Stem is like cap in being white to buff, dry, and somewhat velutinous.  White latex is voluminous and sticky STAINING all parts BROWNFishy odor. In deciduous and mixed woods with oak present. Found in sandy soils near streams. Taste is mild. Edible. Possibly closely related to Lactifluus volemus, which also stains brown and has a fishy odor. Edible.

Lactarius luteolus 3102

Lactifluus luteolus (Lactarius luteolus)  Peck 1896