Lactifluus subvernalis var. cokeri

Lactifluus subvernallis var. cokeri

Lactarius subvernalis var. cokeri has a small to medium sized powdery suede-like white to pale grayish-buff convex, dry cap that becomes flat to slightly uplifted at somewhat zonate margin. It has a shallow central depression. Gills are white to buff becoming pinkish-buff with age, close, decurrent, crowded and forked at stipe apex. Stipe is often long relative to cap width, off-whitish, staining pinkish with handling and becoming hollow with age. Unchanging white latex slowly stains gills salmon-pink. Off-white tissues bruise salmon-pink with cutting or handling. Pale buff-yellow spore print. Mild to slightly and slowly acrid (taste for 2 min.) Fruits under deciduous broadleaved trees, especially oaks. 

Can be confused with Lactarius subplinthogalus.

Lactarius subvernalis var. cokeri  1407