Russula pectinoides 

Russula pectinoides_1588

Russula pectinoides Peck 

is another foetid mushroom that looks very much like many others in the foetid group. It has a yellow-ochre fragile, viscid cap that becomes depressed and vase-shaped with maturity. It develops pinkish-brown spots on its bumpy tuberculate-striate margin. The cuticle peels about half-way to the disc. The whitish to cream colored gills are slightly decurrent and are forked at the stem apex. The stem is white, tapered at the base, and discolors yellowish-brown with age. It initially smells faintly of maraschino cherries, almonds or benzaldehyde, but the odor becomes unpleasantly foul with age. Spores are whitish-cream. It can be found in hardwood forests inhabited with oak, beech and hickory from July through September. It is in the Russulaceae family of the Russulales.