The Bankeraceae family Donk 1961 is in the Thelephorales order Corner ex Oberw. 1976. Fungi in the Bankeraceae family are stipitate, that is, they have stems and grow from the ground. They include species of Bankera, Boletopsis, Hydnellum, Phellodon and Sarcodon. They all form mycorrhizal associations with mature broadleaf or conifer trees. Species of Boletopsis have tiny round pores, but unlike boletes, it is not possible to remove the pore surface from the cap flesh. Species of Bankera, Hydnellum, Phellodon and Sarcodon all have a spined hymenium. Hydnellums and Sarcodons are brown-spored. Species of Bankera, Boletopsis and Phellodon are white spored.

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