Hydnellum concrescens 

Hydnellum concrescens 01263

Hydnellum concrescens (Pers.) Banker Zoned Hydnellum’ 

Hydnellum concrescens is a stipitate mycorrhizal toothed fungus that can be found with oaks. Like other species in the same family, it has a tendency to engulf any nearby forest debris and living plants as well as it expands. Young fruiting bodies are felty, warty and white becoming pinkish brown to purple-brown and shiny in maturity. Often the margin is whitish. The brown felty cap is zonate and caps and stipes of several fruiting bodies often merge. The hymenophore consists of decurrent white spines that become darker purple-brown in age. Its spore print is brown. It is not edible. It looks very similar to Hynellum scrobiculatum, which grows with conifers. It is not edible. It is in the Bankeraceae family of the Thelephorales order.