Armillaria gallica 

Armillaria gallica 4311

Armillaria gallica Marxmuller & Romagnesi 

This may be the most common species east of Rocky Mountains. Grows from the ground singly or in clusters. Typically shorter than other Armillaria species. Sometimes the rhizomorphs spread onto dead hardwood logs to fruit.

Cap is tan to pinkish-brown and is covered in dark ‘hairs’. The base of the stipe is often enlarged. When bruised it occasionally stains yellow.

Its white partial veil resembles a cortina, a spider-like web of mycelia that is most common among the Cortinarius. Remnants can be found on the cap edge and on the stipe. White rhizomorphs (“Shaped like roots”) at stem base. Armillaria are in the Physalacriaceae family in the Agaricales order.

Armillaria gallica

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