Tricholomopsis rutilans

Tricholomopsis rutilans (Schaeff.) Singer 1939

 has a beautiful yellow-based pileus that looks as if it was sprinked with reddish-plum colored powdery scales on the cap and the stem. The cream colored finely serrated gills are close. The spore print is off-white to cream. The stem has a paler cream zone at the apex. Like other species of Tricholomopsis, this mushroom grows from rotted conifer logs and stumps. In Great Britain, it has the common name of ‘Plums and Custard’ and is apparently edible when cooked. Our version seems to be different and will someday undoubtedly be sequenced and perhaps given a new name. Here it can be found in summer through autumn. Edibility unknown. It is in the Tricholomataceae family of the Agaricales order. 

Tricholomopsis rutilans7462

Tricholomopsis rutilans 

Tricholomopsis rutilans6399

Tricholomopsis rutilans 

Tricholomopsis rutilans03807

Tricholomopsis decora 

Tricholomopsis rutilans 05637