Hydnum albidum  

Hydnum repandum var. album090306021

Hydnum albidum Peck 

The word “repandum” means “curved upward”.  Choice edible! Terrestrial. Tannish-orange to light orange caps and paler spines underneath, tough stems. White spore print. Like the chanterelles, they are firm mushrooms. Members of the Hydnaceae family are mycorrhizal with conifers and with hardwoods. Hydnum repandum is larger than the similar edible species, Hydnum umbilicatum and Hynum albidum. This mushroom is in the Hydnaceae family of the Cantharellales order.

Cook slowly. Mild flavor and meaty texture. No poisonous lookalikes.

Hydnum albidum 9995

Hydnum albidum