Grifola frondosa*

Grifola frondosa3961

 Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray 1821 Hen of the Woods”, “Maitake” 

An annual polypore that often reappears for many years between late summer and early autumn. It is typically found at the base of oak trees and grows from an underground tuber called a sclerotium. The fruiting body consists of many gray-brown wavy caps having a white hymenium, which are attached to a branched white stem. Scientific research into the medicinal uses of this mushroom indicate it has promise. Causes white butt rot. Flesh is relatively soft when fresh. 

*According to a recent phylogenetic study published in Mycologia, Grifola frondosa, does not belong in any of the major lineages of the Polyporales order.

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Grifola frondosa