Phlebia tremellosa                           

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Phlebia tremellosa (Schrader) Nakasone & Burdsall  

Merulius tremellosus), ’Trembling Phlebia” has a small fan-shaped wooly cap and a resupinate pinkish-orange wrinkled undersurface with a gelatinous feel. It can be found on decaying hardwood and conifer branches and logs. Most commonly seen in late autumn. Spores are colorless, suasage-shaped and inamyloid. This is in the Meruliaceae family of the Polyporales order.

Merulius tremellosus (Phlebia tremellosa)1020881

Phlebia tremellosa (Merulius tremellosus)

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Phlebia tremellosa (Merulius tremellosus)

Phlebia tremellosa (Merulius tremellosus) 01735