Byssomerulius incarnatus

Byssomerulius incarnatus (Schwein.) Bilb. 1974 

(Phlebia incarnata) is a strange fungus that takes on many different appearances as it matures. This may be why it has been variously assigned to different genera including Phlebia and Merulius. In some places it is described as a polypore and in others it is considered a crust fungus. The undersurface is wrinkled, whitish and produces spores on the veins and between them. We will have to await its being subject to DNA analysis to figure out where it fits in relation to similar fungi.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if it ultimately was moved and renamed once again. Byssomerulius incarnatus is a white rotter of hardwoods. It is in thre Phanerochaetaceae family of the Polyporales order.

Byssomerulius incarnatus (Phlebia incarnata) 1020825

Byssomerulius incarnatus (Phlebia incarnata)