The Russulales order contains several families of related fungi. They exhibit an extraordinary degree of morphological diversity from cap and stem mushrooms, to polypores, coral fungi, toothed fungi, crust fungi and stereums. While there is tremendous variation in the shapes of these various fungi,  they share a similar genetic history. This order is named after the agaricoid (gilled cap and stem fungi) family known as the Russulaceae. The family includes both the closely related Lactarius/Lactifluus and Russula species, which have in common flesh that is usually so fragile, that it fairly easily shatters into numerous pieces due to their unique sphaeroid cellular structure. To view my most updated presentation on Lactarius/Lactifluus species (4/9/17), I invite you to go to Lactarius and Lactifluus. To view my most recent presentation on Russulas (5/13/17), please visit The Genus Russula

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