Lactarius aspideoides 

Lactarius aspideoides 1903-2

Lactarius aspideoides Burlington 

Pale sulphur-yellow glutinous firm cap with depressed center and inrolled margin that becomes funnel-shaped with maturity and bears differently hued yellow concentric zones.
Gills are close, broadly attached to sticky yellow stem, off-white to cream becoming yellow-spotted. Voluminous white latex that stains flesh lilac. White to pale yellow spore print.
Fruits in summer and autumn in hardwood and in coniferous forests. 'Aspideoides' means 'shield-like'. Like
Lactarius aspideus, which is also yellow and stains lavender, but lacks the zonation. Both are bitter-tasting. This is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.Lactarius aspideoides