Lactarius lignyotus var. lignyotus 

 ‘Chocolate Milky’ 

Medium sized dark brown, smooth to rugose, velvety convex and knobbed and slightly depressed cap center with inrolled margin becoming flat. White gills become pale yellowish, are close to sub-distant, slightly decurrent and are sometimes edged brownish near stipe. Stem is brown, velvety, smooth and relatively long compared with width of cap. Top of stem exhibits reticulating lines which appear to be extensions of the gills. Base of stipe is white. Watery white latex is thin. Discolors and stains flesh pinkish-red. Spore print is ochre. Under conifers in late summer and fall. Mild to slightly acrid taste. Lookalikes include Lactarius gerardii var. subrubescens, Lactarius fumosus and Lactarius fuliginosusThis is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.

Lactarius lignyotus6823

Lactarius lignyotus

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