Lactarius luridus 

Lactarius luridus 05888

Lactarius luridus (Pers.) Gray

Medium convex viscid smooth brownish-ochre spotted cap with zonations and shallow central depression lightly stained lavender to blue-purple. Flesh becoming blue-lilac on cutting. Cream gills forked at stipe apex and stained where handled bright blue-purple. Stem even, pruinose and cream colored stuffed and colored orange with basal orange mycelium. Latex white staining flesh purple. Spores are cream. Found with conifers including spruce and balsam as well as aspen hardwoods in autumn. Rare. Inedible. Similar especially to Lactarius chelidonium, but also to Lactarius uvidus and Lactarius maculatus. These were found in mid-October in the N.H. White Mountains. This is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.