Sebacina schweinitzii   

Tremellodendron schweinitzii (T. pallidum) 04600

Sebacina schweinitzii (Peck) G. F. Atkinson “False Coral Fungus"

(Tremellodenron schweitizii, T. palladium) consists of closely-spaced white branches arising from a comon base. They are flattened at the tips. As it ages, the brances turn yellowish and then brownish. The False Coral” fungus is more jelly-like than coral-like in texture. In other words, it doesn’t break as easily as do the coral mushrooms like the clavarias, clavulinas and ramarias, for example. Fittingly they are in other orders. Sebacina (Tremellodendron) schweinitzii is a common fungus seen especially along woodland paths in summer and autumn. Mycorrhizal with trees. Not edible.  It is in the Sebacinaceae family of the Sebacinales order.

Sebacina schweinitzii (Tremellodendron schweinitzii,T. pallidum), “False Coral”