Bill grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania spending much time on farms and in the hills of the area.  He studied Agriculture in High School, but opted for an academic career in College, majoring in Behavioral Sciences at Penn State and later Psychology and Philosophy of Science with the Graduate Faculty at The New School.

During a 38 year tenure at SUNY Dutchess he studied Mycology with Hon Ho, Dick Homola, and John Haines among others. He was granted a sabbatical to found the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association and was for many years their Education Director.  In addition to teaching Mycology classes at his college, Bill has delivered lectures, taught courses and conducted mycological workshops at The Cary Arboretum, The Institute of Ecosystems Study, Hudsonia, Mycological Associations throughout the Northeast and similar educational venues.  A second sabbatical allowed him to collect for and work with the Mycology Collections at The New York State Museum. Since the 1980's he has been involved on an ongoing basis with the students and faculty of the Culinary Association of America developing presentations tailored to specific needs of the Culinary Profession. He has also been a consultant to the New York Poison Control Network for over twenty-five years, a role recently extended to the New England and Northern New England Centers as well.

For over thirty years his articles have appeared in Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming , where since 2000 he has served as a Contributing Editor.  Articles and photos have also appeared in Adirondack Life, Hudson Valley Magazine, Taste, The New York State Conservationist, The Poughkeepsie Journal, and elsewhere.

He is married to Leslie Land and produces articles about Mycology and related subjects for her web site In Kitchen and Garden ( ). He and Dianna are currently involved in producing an Introductory Mycology course in a DVD format.

Bill is an avid Gardener, Fly Fisherman and Archer. He is deeply drawn to Indian Classical Music, has played the sitar for over forty years, and is currently learning the sarode. During the winter he works in his shop investigating the physics, design and construction of traditional archery bows.