Lactarius deceptivus 3413

Lactarius deceptivus3413

LACTARIUS deceptivus is a large white to cream mushroom with an inrolled, cottony margin, depressed center and an acrid taste. The cap  is convex becoming sunken to vase-shaped. It is dry, smooth, aging scaly, and stains brownish with yellowish areas. Gills are creamy-white, somewhat close and attached to slightly decurrent. The latex is white and unchaging, but it stains the gills brown. Stipe also stains brownish.  It is found  under hemlock or oak. Look-a-likes include Lactarius piperatus which has extremely close gills and Lactarius vellerus, which lacks the cottony roll of tissue on the cap margin. This species is not considered edible due to it acrid taste and pungent odor.