Hortiboletus campestris (Boletus campestris) (2 Photos and Description)

Boletus campestris_1886

Cracking similar to Xerocomellus chrysenteron (Boletus chysenteron). Rather than red showing between the cracks, with Hortiboletus campestris, yellow is the background color. This bolete has a small, rose-red cap with yellow margin and pale yellowish pores that stain blue-green. Flesh color is yelllow. The stem is yellowish at the apex and about the same color as the cap below. At the bottom of the ‘Field Bolete’ stipe can be found yellow  basal mycelial threads. Horteboletus campestris can be found in deciduous open woods & lawns.

Hortoboletus campestri (Boletus campestris)0995

Hortiboletus campestris (Boletus campestris)