Leccinum versipelle (L. atrostipitatum) A.H. Smith, Thiers & Watling  (3 Photos and Description)

Leccinum atrostipitatum ?02684

Leccinum versipelle has an orange cap with sterile overlapping marginal edge. Its pores are whitish and become brownish with maturity. The stipe is off-white with very dark scabers from its initial appearance onward. When cut in half, the whitish flesh turns reddish on the upper stem becoming purple-gray over time. It is mycorrhizal with oak, birch and poplar. (Most leccinums associate wita single tree species)..

Has a tendency to accumulate mercury, and must be cooked from 15 to 20 minutes to remove toxins. The entire mushroom turns black from cooking.

Leccinum atrostipitatum02147

Leccinum versipelle