Gyroporus cyanescens (4 Photos and Description)

Gyroporus cyanescens6252

Gyroporus cyanescens Cap and stem are rough or hairy-like, the color of hay. All parts, including the pores, turn a blue-green easily. Initially they are white, but become pale yellowish as the spores mature. Like other species of Gyroporus, the stem is hollow.

Mycorrhizal with hardwoods like beech as well as conifers (hemlock in the east) growing in sandy, disturbed soil.

Expect it to be entirely blue after cutting into slices for the pan (or dryer). The color mostly disappears with sautéing for 2-3  minutes.

Considered choice due to their nutty taste and meaty texture. Edible.

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Gyroporus cyanescens

Gyroporus cyanescens

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Gyroporus cyanescens