Gelatoporia dichroa (Gloeoporus dichrous)  (Fr.) Ginns (2014) (2 Photos and Description)

Gloeoporus dichrous 6460

Gelatoporia dichroa (Gloeoporus dichrous) Saprotrophic white rotter of dead hardwoods and sometimes conifers.White hairy to velvety small, smooth caps attached to each other. Pore-surface is orange-brown, pink-brown or purple-brown depending on age. An annual white rotter on hardwoods, it fruits from spring through autumn and may overwinter. Its hymenium is stretchable and separable from the cap. An apt common name for this saprotroph is the “Bubble Gum Fungus”. 

*This fungus has been shown through phylogenetic analysis to belong to an uncertain taxa as it does not belong to any of the lineages of the Polyporales order. We can expect that it will be moved to another order.  *Phylogenetic and phylogenomic overview of the Polyporales(Link)MycologiaNovember 2013

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                               Gelatoporia dichroa (Gloeoporus dichrous)