Phallus ravenelii  (6 Photos and Description)

Phallus raveneliiA

Phallus ravenelii is quite common in the northeast in landscaped gardens dressed with wood chips. Like Phallus duplicatus it has a distinct, although relatively smooth rather than a chambered head, with a circular opening at the top. The stipe and the head are sponge-like and hollow. It might be one of the more odiferous stinkhorns we have. It fruits in summer and autumn, especially following rains. 

Phallus ravenelii1995

Phallus ravenelii pinkish-lavender white egg with attached white rhizomorphs at the base.

Phallus ravenelii02496

Phallus ravenelii being relished by all manner of insects.

Phallus ravenelii6754

Phallus ravenelii

Phallus ravenelli1030006

Phallus ravenelii