Aureoboletus auriporus (Boletus auriporus) Peck (4 Photos and Description)

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Aureoboletus auriporus (Boletus auriporus) "Golden-Pored Bolete” has a pinkish-brown cap with viscid pellicle skin that peels easily and tates sour. Reddish beneath cap skin.  The bright yellow-gold pores don't quickly change color on bruising, but may stain reddish slowly. The stipe is typically much longer than cap is wide and is white at the base. Can be confused with other bright yellow or gold-pored boletes like Xerocomus illudens, which has a viscid grayish-brown cap, golden yellow angular pores, and small viscid stipe - yellow at the top.  Can also be confused with Aureoboletus innixus, which often has a bulbous stipe and grows in fused clusters. Habitat is mixed deciduous woods. Mycorrhizal especially with oak. Good edible.

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Aureoboletus auriporus (Boletus auriporus)

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Aureoboletus auriporus (Boletus auriporus)

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