Xerocomus sclerotiorum, 'Whitey's Bolete’  (2 Photos and Description)

Xerocomus sclerotiorum, "Whitey's Bolete" ? 01059

Xerocomus sclerotiorum has a reddish to reddish-brown cap which becomes paler pinkish tan with maturity, often with a paler sterile edge. The flesh and pores are yellow as is the stem background color. Just below the yellow stipe apex, the stem is decorated with dark red to red-brown smears and dots. The stipe base has whitish rhizomorphs which attach to a sclerotia, making this the only northeastern bolete known to have this feature. All parts quickly stain blue to blue-green and turn brown with age. Xerocomus sclerotiorum is a relatively newly discovered bolete. The edibility of this bolete has not been determined.

Xerocomus sclerotiorum, "Whitey's Bolete" 02501

Xerocomus sclerotiorum