Bankera fulingineoalba? (2 Photos and Description)

Bankera fulingineoalba1010440

I was walking with a noted mycologist in late October when we found this unusual fungus. He declared it was a Boletopsis and I concured. However, unlike Boletopsis species, this fruiting body has spines. I am guessing that this is a species of Bankera, because it does fit the descriptions, but there are a relatively few species in our part of the world and it is difficult to find detailed descriptions of them. This one in any case was growing in a mixed deciduous and conifer forest with lots of pine. It has a cap and a central stem and its fertile surface is covered in whitish spines that seem to turn grayish. This specimen appears to be a young representative of the genus.

Bankera fulingineoalba1010442

Bankera fulingineoalba