Macrolepiota procera 

Chlorophyllum (Macrolepiota) procera02560

 Lepiota procera (Scopoli) Singer, ‘The Parasol Mushroom’ 

Terrestrial saprotroph found in mixed woods in summer and fall. Cap features brown center ‘nipple 'and concentric scales around rest. central umbo on egg-shaped cap bearing  brownish scales that expands with age. White free gills and spore print. Brownish snakeskin pattern on tall thin white stipe which rises to full height before cap opens and breaks its connection to upper region. Movable double annulus. Saprotrophic. Edible. Nutty flavor.

Can be confused with the poisonous green-spored Chlorophyllum molybdites.

Macrolepiota procera)02613

Macrolepiota procera

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Macrolepiota procera

Macrolepiota procera02553

Macrolepiota proceraLepiota procure