Lactifluus hygrophoroides                   

Lactarius hygrophoroides1928

LACTIFLUUS hygrophoroides (Lactarius hygrophoroides) has a dry, wrinkled, bright organge-fawn cap. The cream-colored gills are widely-spaced. It has abundant mild, white latex, which turns the gills brownish. Its spore print is white. The taste of this mushroom is mild and it is considered a choice edible. It is found gowing under deciduous trees. Looks very similar to Lactifluus volemus, but gills are more widely spaced and voluminous milk doesn’t stain brown. Also has no fishy odor. This is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.

Lactifluus hygrophoroides2274

Lactifluus hygrophoroides (Lactarius hygrophoroides)

Lactifluus hygrophoroides (Lactarius hygrophoroides) 3258

Lactifluus hygrophoroides (Lactarius hygrophoroides)