Laeticutis cristata (Albatrellus cristatus) 

Albatrellus cristatus2781

Laeticutis cristata (Albatrellus cristatus) (Schaeff.) Audet (2010) 

Dry, irregularly shaped brownish convex cap with a greenish tinge and a wavy margin. Context is dry, firm and buff. Tiny whitish pores are decurrent and whitish to greenish and become yellowish to reddish-brown with age. White spore print. Mycorrhizal with deciduous trees and occasionally conifers.  Not edible. It is in the Albatrellaceae family of the Russulales.

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Laeticutis cristata

Albatrellus cristatus 1325

Laeticutis cristata

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Laeticutis cristata