Lactarius croceus 

Lactarius croceus mb 01941

Lactarius croceus Burlingham 

Medium bright orange faint to moderately zoned, convex cap with a inrolled margin becoming funnel-shaped in age with a slightly darker viscid central depression. Gills are moderately well-spaced to subdistant and cream to light creamy-yellow. Sparse white latex turns yellow on exposure to air and stains gills orange-yellow. Stem is paler than color of cap and is not scrobiculate. Spore print is pale yellow. No parts bruise or stain green with handling or age. Can be found in summer and fall under hardwoods. Has a fruity odor. Taste is slightly bitter to acrid. This is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.

Lactarius croceus mb 01943
zoned, yellow-orange, depressed center, pale crm gills, yell-orange sparse latex, staing yell-orange yellow stem conifers, mixed